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Client Spotlight: Gypsy House Coffee

Gypsy House Cafe

Sometimes dreams don’t always follow a linear path, and we’re here to help with that, too. Benchmark clients Doniece and Dena Derani owned the once-thriving Gypsy House Café in Capitol Hill on Marion Street since 2004. Though one could find coffee and tea at Gypsy House, it always felt like more of a gathering place for much of Capitol Hill’s artistic community. In 2016, the building Gypsy House and other business occupied was sold, and Gypsy House was forced to close shortly after.

Twin sisters Doniece and Dena missed the excitement and familiarity of their Gypsy House community and felt like the vibrant place they’d worked so hard to cultivate for over a decade should be reborn with a cozy, relaxed feel.

This summer, Benchmark Commercial’s Ellory Read worked with the sisters to find a new home for Gypsy House. Similar to the old Marion Street location, Doneice and Dena needed a central, eclectic place that could house a thriving community of artists, designers and professionals.They also needed outdoor space where visitors could enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery, as well as dedicated retail space to house a thoughtfully curated selection of holistic, local goods like crystals, oils, candles, jewelry and other art, as well as the ability to eventually serve up locally-sourced beer and wine offerings.

Together, Benchmark, Doniece and Dena landed on a 4,100 square-foot building along South Broadway, home to a former veteran’s affair’s post. Construction is 90% complete, and the re-imagined Gypsy Dreams is set to open in late December/early 2019.

While the opening is dependent on city approvals and not financial goals, Dena and Doneice plan to run Gypsy House on their own in the initial months of re-opening. Eventually, they’d like to add more employees as well as additional artistic offerings like open mics, dance and more. If you or someone you know would like to support the community vision for Gypsy House and its grand opening, you can donate to the Gypsy House GoFundMe campaign here:


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