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DIA’s $1.5 Billion Expansion Project is Underway

DIA Expansion

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you may notice some dust settling as you rush off to your gate. While barrier walls and construction noise may feel inconvenient now, the addition of 39 new gates to the airport’s current 111 (a 35% increase!) and is intended to help address the airport’s current congestion. Here’s a breakdown of changes for each concourse:

  • Concourse A: 12 new gates and reconfiguration of 4 existing on the west end
  • Concourse B: 4 new gates on the west and 7 new gates on the east end
  • Concourse C: 16 new gates on the east end

It’s hard to believe, but DIA’s original Master Plan was developed in 1988 and provided guidance for the airport through 50 million annual passengers (In 2017, the airport served a total of 61.4 million passengers). Construction is expected to continue for the next three years and meet passenger projections through the year 2030.

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