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We’re working from home, I have a commercial lease for space I can’t use, am not using, or am now under utilizing. Now what???

We are indeed in unprecedented times and the lens to look at history and how we might come out of the current pandemic is murky at best.  Never before has the world in an interconnected world economy stopped “non-essential” business and industry to curtail a virus.  It’s safe to say we don’t really know exactly how business will look in the future other than it will be different than it is today or was before the Shelter in Place orders shut down our major cities and commerce.  For this reason, we are currently working with our clients to dial in both short term solutions and only securing long term solutions where the specific situation or inducements we achieve warrant execution.

Because each situation is different, and because the motivating factors behind each side of a negotiation are different, we are suggesting our clients and friends talk to us to strategize on how to navigate facility leases in the current climate.

Jason Bollhoefner is a partner of Benchmark Commercial, an internationally capable, Colorado proud commercial real estate firm specializing in tenant representation and building purchases. Please feel free to discuss your specific situation at; or call at 303-395-0116.                    

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