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Tour Commercial Real Estate With An Expert

Touring and leasing new office space is exciting because you get to explore new properties and visualize how your team could benefit from an enhanced space. Landlords are going to push for a minimum of a 3-5-year lease, so it’s imperative that you understand what you need to know about the building, how it is operated and how your business will fit into that picture.  Your Tenant Rep will be there to ask any critical questions that you may miss or don’t think about asking as well.

Here are five examples of things to keep in mind while touring office space.

  1. Location and Accessibility- You want to find a building that’s easy to access for both employees and clients.
  2. Space and Layout- It’s important to consider how much space is necessary while allowing for realistic business growth.
  3. Other Tenants in the building- Do you want to be close to like-minded companies or does that create unwanted competition?
  4. Parking- Think about how much parking you will need for employees and clients and how it is accessed. Parking in popular areas can be costly.
  5. Build-Out Policy and layout- Landlords have different build-out policies and the amount of Tenant Improvement allowance given depends on various factors negotiated in the Lease. It’s important to think about your ideal office layout.

As tenant and occupier representatives, we are here to make sure tours go smoothly and the right questions are asked to help you think critically about the individual space. We will ask for your feedback to find out what works and doesn’t work for your company. This helps us navigate through the process to ultimately find you the best space that fits your needs.

If you have any questions about the process of touring office space, please feel free to reach out to Ellory Read or any Broker at Benchmark Commercial and our team would be happy to discuss.  Please email or call 303-395-0114.

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