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Issues with Searching for Space on Your Own

Searching for space on your own is possible, and companies do it all the time, but we highly encourage you to use a tenant representative to save you time and money. It is good to start doing your research at the beginning of your search to help form your requirements. Some important things to consider are:

  • What is your ideal location?
  • How much square footage is ideal for your business?
  • What is your preferred lease term/price?
  • What type of amenities are important?

Having these critical aspects identified will help narrow down the spaces you should be considering. To learn more about how to pinpoint the square footage requirements for your office space needs, please click here (LINK).

There are aspects of leasing office space that are difficult without a tenant representation broker. Not only is the search incredibly time-consuming, but it takes away from critical time that you could be spending working on your own business. Additionally, finding space is only the first step. Commercial leases are complicated, and the negotiation process requires extensive real estate knowledge that comes with experience. Most importantly, your negotiating power may be limited without a tenant representative broker on your side.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a tenant rep, and for the high majority of the time, it doesn’t cost you a thing. We can save you time and money and make the process very efficient, allowing you to make your company’s best decision.

If you would like to learn more about leasing commercial space, please reach out to Ellory Read at Benchmark Commercial.


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