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Is the timing right to move into a newly constructed industrial building?

New construction!  The thought of a new space can be very appealing.  Starting with a clean slate and creating something that suits your needs right now can be very seductive.  A new industrial space may offer:

  • Clear height – often over 30 feet
  • Column spacing – usually 40 feet (or more) between columns
  • Cross docks – especially important when the distribution is a major element of your business
  • Larger truck plazas mean that is easier (and faster) for truckers to get in and out

The same may be true for offices, retail space, or any type of commercial property.

Of course, this all comes with a price.  Unless you have a commercial construction background you may be fooled by the “steel building ads” that often don’t include the basics like land, utilities, entitlements, the interior finish, landscaping, and many, many more items.

It is usual for new construction to be more expensive than older spaces.  You must be sure you need the advantages that are provided.  We can help with tools that compare the cost to build vs the cost to buy existing.  Or, we can help evaluate the cost of leasing vs the cost of purchasing.  We also have many contacts in construction, architecture, banking … or you name it.

So, call or email us because we can help with those decisions … if they are in Colorado or across an ocean.

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