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Benchmark Commercial alleviates AbsenceSoft’s growing pains.

AbsenceSoft is an innovative HR platform that seeks to make managing FMLA, STD, and LTD leave and ADA accommodations accessible and compliant for companies of all sizes. Tanner Mason and Ellory Read of Benchmark Commercial had the opportunity to assist this innovative company in relocating to help alleviate their growing pains.

AbsenceSoft was in about 3,000 SF at 445 Union Blvd in Lakewood. They were outgrowing their old office space and needed a new solution to coincide with their new growth capital. Their former office was split between two areas, making it hard to work as a team because each department was isolated. They explained to Ellory and Tanner from Benchmark Commercial they needed open space where the whole team could collaborate.

The team looked beyond the listed space stats and realized there where two adjacent spaces; one a sublease, the other space directly with the landlord, that could fit the bill for the overall size needed but would accommodate AbsenceSoft’s growth. This property is a great new home for AbsenceSoft because it gives the growth runway they need.

The new location is a beautiful, modern building with floor to ceiling windows and stunning views of the mountains and downtown. The first space they leased is 6,400 SF, which was occupied immediately upon lease signature. The second space of 5,900 SF needed a full buildout, all accomplished before the commencement on the space (no rent payment). This new office space matches the AbsenceSoft brand and gives them the open modern tech feel they were looking for while still being on the west side of town close to the mountains and out of the city.

Benchmark Commercial accomplished all the goals that AbsenseSoft had for their new space. Tanner Mason and Ellory Read saved them money by finding them space to sublease while allowing immediate occupancy, all fulfilling the clients’ goals.

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